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About Us

Since 2016 Emerson Naturals has been dedicated to offering the highest quality herbal products in the industry. Our expertise is building relationships with local harvesters and maintaining purity and potency of our herbal products. Our customers love that they can trust we will deliver exactly what they paid for without the cutting of corners.


From day one we have made it our mission to reduce our use of single use plastics in our packaging and our packaging and fulfillment operations. We use a strict eco-friendly approach to all of our business processes and products.

Transparency & Honesty

With any Emerson Naturals product you can expect to know exactly what you’re getting. We stand behind anything we put our name on, publicly or privately. Trust in our brand and the team behind our brand is the highest priority for us.

We provide full testing for potency, contaminants, heavy metals, pesticides, and mycotoxins. You can trust we are always working to ensure our products not only surpass industry standards but also our own obsession with excellence.

Customer Satisfaction

We’re not company-first. We’re customer-first. Please send us any feedback, and you will receive a reply from one of our team leads here. We consistently read each review, rotate through customer support, conduct surveys, gather feedback, and we’re always looking for more insight from our customers.